Complete Routing And Plastics Solutions In Sydney

As well as CNC Routers, B & M Plastics Sydney also utilise laser cutting equipment for archiving a crystal clear cut on Acrylic (Perspex, Plexiglas) sheet. Any profile can be cut to very fine detail. Letters of any style and size are cut from acrylic sheets of any thickness. We can work with files supplied by you or we will draw up the shapes to your specifications. In addition to acrylic laser cutting, we also laser mark and engrave acrylic sheets. Photographic images can be etched into acrylic sheets up to 1200mm wide and 2400mm long.

Laser Edging

Laser edging for trophies, signs, personal items, gift items, part numbers, identification plates and the creation of pictures is available at our acrylic laser cutting Sydney facility. High precision cutting, exceptional polished edges with very fine detail is what you can expect from our laser cutting services. Laser cutters are ideal for large production cutting but we easily accommodate small runs as well.

View samples of our laser cut shapes and profile cutting examples below:
  • Laser cut shapes
  • Profile cutting
  • Plastic and acrylic fabrication

Taking Plastic Fabrication To The Next Level

Take plastic fabrication to the next level with custom plastic fabrication. Have your products displayed exactly as you want them. Cosmetics, jewellery, shoes and clothes just to name a few can benefit from our services, plus the following:
  • A handbag on a clear pedestal can turn an ordinary bag into an object of desire
  • Food items also can be protected and their presentation enhanced by using clear Perspex
  • Secure expensive items under Perspex covers
  • Have Plexiglas barriers so people can see but not touch sensitive items
  • Museum boxes in clear acrylic displays an item but keeps it dust free and safe from people touching it
  • Use coloured acrylic to attract attention
  • Use clear tubes to almost invisibly lift products up
  • Stack and store items in clear shelf units so your products can be seen from all sides
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